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Why hello, glad you could stop by. Chances are if you’ve got to this page you want to know a little bit more about Edinburgh Editor.

Here’s the quick explanation: Edinburgh Editor is a blog looking at all the best that Edinburgh offers, distilling it down to bring our readers ideas, inspiration and reviews of our city’s lifestyle and culture. We march on our stomachs, and so food and drink play a major part in what we look, but we also look at attractions, events and interesting local businesses. We pride ourselves on being for everyone, whether you’ve lived in Edinburgh for years or have just got off the plane for your first visit. Edinburgh is so much more than a tourist destination, and we want everyone to know about the very best we offer.

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Our city is historic and cobbled, the part we call ‘New’ is a couple of hundred years old, and there is a story around every corner, but if you think that means we don’t have a great contemporary culture, think again. Our bar scene is brilliant, we’ve multiple brewers and distillers, and the food is more imaginative with every passing week. Whether you want beer, cocktails, street food or Michelin star dining we have it all and more.

We’re not just about eating and drinking though, there’s every form of entertainment and events known to man. Art to music, theatre to comedy, day time or night the city is awash with activity. Oh, and did we mention we have the largest arts festival in the world every August?

Whether you are visiting or you live here, Edinburgh Editor aims to bring you the very best in what this fine city has to offer. We have all the chains you can imagine, but they’re boring. Join us on adventures around the city finding out what’s on offer. Whether you’re looking to eat, drink or play Edinburgh Editor is here to help you out – trying everything and everywhere then bringing the best of it to you.

This is truly a social endeavour so feel free to get involved – if you’ve a question, want to suggest something or talk about promoting your business drop us an email to editor@edinburgheditor.com or alternatively get in touch through social media:


Thanks for stopping by – let us know what you think and do please come again.

The Editor (a.k.a Craig)


Craig pretending he understands what he’s being told about fireworks

An Edinburgh boy born and breed, Craig loves to visit and talk about almost everything. Writing online is second nature (and also part of a day job in digital marketing) as he’s also the guy behind the camera on The Usual Saucepans.comOften found with a glass in hand or food in his mouth he doesn’t take himself overly seriously and also finds it weird writing about himself in the third person.

As well as writing Edinburgh Editor Craig loves eating,  drinking and going on adventures around the city and further afield. He’s also a freelance writer and copywriter, specialising in travel and food writing, but with experience well beyond. Drop Craig and email if you want to talk about it editor@edinburgheditor.com