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Gins, One square, Edinburgh

When you think of going out for a drink it’s probably safe to say that a hotel bar is not going to be the recipient of an ‘Oh! Let’s go to…‘ Perhaps for the gin drinkers amongst us (me being very much one) this might be changing. One Square is the bar of the Sheraton and these days it’s well on trend with our new fascination for gin bars. Gin is becoming bigger all the time and One Square is now getting involved, providing an alternative to the overly dominant whisky scene in the city and some competition to the likes of 56 North and (the newly opened) Heads & Tails.

One Square Gin Bar Edinburgh

At the Sheraton to take some photos for friends at TheLuxuryEditor.com, I was surprised to learn that One Square’s been a gin bar for the last two years. Since the whole hotel was refurbished in 2012 gin has taken pride of place, but whilst the restaurant was launched with a bit of fanfare (aiming to draw in non-residents as would-be diners, I suspect) the bar doesn’t appear to have been given the same attention.

Pickerings G&T, One Square

I find this strange because their gin game is pretty strong. There’s currently a line up of about 55 bottles behind the bar, and as senior barman Hugh Gibb told us it could be many more, but theirs are picked with purpose not just because they exist: “It would be very easy to order 100 gins and fill the shelves, but we choose each gin with care and forethought on how we would use it.”

Gin Selection, One Square, Edinburgh

There are some fairly well known names there for gin lovers – such as The Botanist, No 3 and Martin Millers – but quality Scottish gin is  also highly visible with a full compliment of the Edinburgh Gin range and new additions to the market like Edinburgh’s very own Pickerings Gin – you can find out about the Editor’s trip to their distillery at Summerhall here – the newly launched Rock Rose.

The contemporary design of the bar is clearly intending on taking it away from the ‘hotel bar’ feel that appeals to so few; it’s great line up of G&Ts and cocktails offering something far more exciting by the norm. It wouldn’t be hard to sit in the big picture windows and watch the world pass by outside, and unlike many a hotel bar it’s not ten times more expensive than the place round the corner. That’s not to say it’s price matching a PubCo, but it’s comparable to its gin bar compatriots.

Making a cocktail, One Square

It’ll be interesting to see if more is made of this place, its skills and selection in the coming months – hopefully it will more than just ‘that bar off the lobby’.

You can find out more about One Square on their website, where you can also find out more information about their gin tasting experiences.

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