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5 bars for brilliant cocktails

Are you a Tom Collins type or prefer a Cosmopolitan? Well regardless of what you would regularly have, cocktails in Edinburgh are going to take you somewhere pretty special. Whilst we have the regular ‘high street’ bars, George Street bars and those in the big hotels, we also have a brilliant bar scene that is really hot on its cocktails. Dig a little deeper than the main streets and you will find brilliant, award-winning little bars, staffed by mixologists who have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the booze behind their bar and lots and lots of flare. This could be a list of 25 bars, but let’s pair it right back to just five.

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1. Bramble Bar

Let’s start with the biggie – I am yet to meet a sane person who has not enjoyed their trip to Bramble. It’s a brilliant little speakeasy-type place, easily missed from the street, but go down the worn steps beside the alteration shop and a cocktail lover’s paradise awaits you.

2. Devil’s Advocate

One of the newer bars on this list, build as part of the regeneration of Advocate’s Close. This bar is a combination of rustic stonework and brushed metal. Their food is delicious, the wine excellent and the whisky selection likewise, but more and more I hear people going for cocktails, and rightfully so. I recommend the Stanley Moore.

3. The Bon Vivant

Tucked away on Thistle Street, The Bon Vivant is a brilliant little hideaway from the hustle of the city. Mainly frequented by those ‘in the know’, this place does some brilliant cocktails or if someone with you isn’t in the cocktail mood (I mean, it must happen. Right?) they describe their champagne list as “broad and accessible”. It’s definitely a bar to be in.

4. Dragonfly

Just out of the Grassmarket, Dragonfly is not only a beautiful bar, but their cocktails will make you wonder if you could just make it your new home. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go some where that posts on social media a photo captioned “Sundays are for Bloody Marys and hip hop”?

5. The Lucky Liquor Co.

Fancy your cocktail served in a lightbulb on ice? Then you’re in the right place (well, unless it’s off the menu since I last had it!). The younger sister of Bramble, this is the rebellious teenager who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and does things its own way.

So raise that martini glass to brilliant cocktails, then grab your coat and get to the bar!

An Edinburgh native who loves discovering the new places and rediscovering old favourites, then taking photos and writing about it.


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