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I went for a cycle around the south side of town this evening – it really is quite stunning (even if they are all phone photos)

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Devil's Advocate

Rejoice! Sing! Shout! Do whatever it is that you do to celebrate, because today is World Gin Day!

World Gin Day 2014 – the sixth such day – is a wonderful opportunity to indulge ourselves and have a cheeky G&T or three, a gin-based cocktail, or to try some of the new gins that seem to be appearing all over the place right now (not that we’re complaining!). There are many places to celebrate in Edinburgh this year, but here at Edinburgh Editor we thought we would go a step further and celebrate some of the best gin-joints in town – after all, gin is for life, not just World Gin Day.

Here are five of Edinburgh Editor’s favourites:

1. 56 North – 2-8 West Causway

Of all the gin joints in all the world town, this is one you have to set foot in. One of Edinburgh’s most loved bars, this South-Side hangout has a deliciously huge range of gins on offer, and a solid range of proper mixers ready to turn up the flavour-factor (Schweppes, you may stand aside). Oh, and did we mention they have Scotland’s largest gin collection (according to their website) – there’s over 100 bottles behind that bar!

56 North


2. The Royal Dick – Summerhall

Do you have a penchant for drinking in what was once a small animal hospital? Well then, not only are you a little weird, you’re also in luck since that is exactly what this bar used to be. Originally Edinburgh Uni’s Veterinary school – or the Dick Vets, to locals – Summerhall is now a huge arts venue, and has this excellent little bar tucked into it. Get some culture and some gin – it’s a great combination.

3. Devil’s Advocate – Advocates Close

One of Edinburgh’s newest bars, the Devil’s Advocate is definitely the talk of the town right now. It’s gin selection and cocktail menu are pretty extensive, and if you can’t make your mind up the staff will definitely be on hand to help you out with a suggestion or two. They also do delicious food here, something to be taken advantage of!

4. Bon Vivant – 55 Thistle Street & 4-6 Dean Street

Whether you’re going to the Thistle Street one, or the one down in Stockbridge, the Bon Vivant is ready to get your thirst sorted with a delicious offering of gins, mixers and cocktails. Along with their great bar staff, cozy interiors and delicious bar snacks, both bars are timeless gin haunts (and you’re likely to lose an hour or two in them as well!)


5. Bramble – 16A Queen’s Street

Ostensibly a cocktail bar, this speakeasy-type bar also offers a mouth-watering array of gins. Whether you are fancying a straight-up G&T, or a cocktail – the La Roux is particularly delicious – then those in the know can be found here.

So those are five of our favourites, but Edinburgh being Edinburgh it is merely a drop in the ocean as to the number of gin bars out there. What your favourites, and what would you add to this list? Let everyone know in the comments below.

Victoria Street
There’s something about Edinburgh. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but its certain je ne said quoi has captured so many a heart that it’s pretty much a global epidemic.
OK, I guess that’s perhaps a slight over exaggeration, but as someone who is fairly well travelled and has seen a city or two I am still amazed that there are views in this city that I will never get over. Judging by the people that visit and those lists of ‘best cities to visit in the world‘ it seems that I’m not alone.
One of the best things is that it doesn’t matter whether you are local or a visitor; with an open mind, a little imagination and a bit of direction there is always something waiting to be discovered in Edinburgh.
That’s what Edinburgh Editor is here to do – give that direction. Offer a little local insight so you can get the most out of your time in the city – regardless of whether it is 24 hours or 24 years.
From restaurants and bars to pubs, events and activities the aim of Edinburgh Editor is the same – to make sure you know where to go and what to do when you get there.
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