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How has this happened? It’s somehow almost the end of the Fringe! This year’s festival seems to have absolutely flown by – although judging by some of the zombified acts and comedians we’ve seen around town in the last few days, they haven’t slept much and need a little break.

What should you be seeing in your precious last few days? That’s what we’re all about today. We’ve given previous show recommendations here and here, but what other shows do you need to make the effort to see? Should it be in a cow, a big top, a courtyard or a dome? Or maybe the basement of a pub you hadn’t really known it existed until this month? The answer? All of the above, naturally. Here are our final six recommendations:

Ed Gamble

Without a doubt one of the best stand up comics we’ve seen this year – Gamble’s delivery is witty, clever and downright hilarious. It’s also part of the Free Fringe (definitely one of the best shows on the Free Fringe), so you don’t even have to buy a ticket. Get to the pub early though, you need a token to get in and they run out every day. We also overheard a couple of people from the comedy departments of ITV and Channel 4 there the day we went – see him now, we doubt he’ll be on the Free Fringe for long!

Show info

Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Just for Graphs

 Festival of the Spoken Nerd 

We’re a bit nerdy here at Edinburgh Editor HQ and perfectly happy about the fact, so a show about visualising data and science, all wrapped up in comedy with some singing, live experiments and the need to have a fire extinguisher on stage was always going to be up our street.

Embrace your inner science geek and get along.

Show info

Foil, Arms & Hog


One of the slickest, tightest and best put together sketch shows we’ve ever seen. This trio of Irishmen look like they are just having the time of their lives on stage and well deserve all the attention they’ve been getting this year. They’re selling out one of Underbelly’s larger venues each night and toying with the audience’s expectations and assumptions so you can never quite tell what’ll happen next. One of our favourite shows we’ve seen this year.


Jess Robinson

 jess robinson 

We went back to see Jess’ full show having seen a preview earlier in August and were absolutely blown away. Jess has an incredible voice and a way with impersonations that will twist your mind into knots trying to work out how she does it. Highlights for us included a double billing of Cheryl [whatever-her-name-is-this-week] and Kate Bush covering Blur’s Common People, and Natille Casidy reading 50 Shades of Grey for a special appeal. Definitely well worth the ticket price.



Everyone loves a bit of a cappella and beatboxing, but this is much, much better. We could have watched any of the singers or the beat boxer for an hour on their own, but together it was utterly fantastic. 

News Revue

A sideways – and very musical – look at some of the biggest news stories to hit our headlines this year. Amazingly, this hour-long spectacular is performed by just four people and a guy on a piano, which is pretty amazing given the volume of stories covered. There are a lot of laughs and a lot of entertaining punchlines – get along before it’s gone.


Harajuku Kitchen

You’re in between shows, or perhaps just out of one and your stomach is rumbling like nobody’s business. You need to eat, but you want something that’s tasty, real and preferably really quick (because no one wants to wait in a restaurant queue during the Fringe). Well fear not, you don’t have to go to some fast food chain or get some terrible dross from a sketchy looking food van – here are 5 of our favourite foodie friendly pop-ups that you will find around Edinburgh during the Fringe.

1. Soul Sushi – C Nova

We’re big fans of the guys at Soul Sushi, who have left their usual ‘delivery only’ method to set up a festival pop up in C Nova (the large C Venues place at the top of Victoria Street). Go see Budge and he’ll make you up a plate of fish, meat or vegetable sushi – it’s absolutely delicious, so do check it out.

2. Jones & Son – Boxsmall

Jones & Son Burger

Featured in our recent round up of good eats that won’t break the bank during the Fringe, Jones & Son are going to be at Boxsmall market until the end of the month – good for those seeking out delicious, mouthwatering burgers. Add cheese and bacon, because you can.

3. Ninja buns

Recently voted ‘The Best Street Food in Scotland’, and currently holding fort at Paradise Palms on Lothian Street (across the road from Pleasance Dome), Ninja buns is a totally different kind of eating experience from most street food out there. Their steamed buns can be filled with beef, pulled pork or a vegetarian option and are absolutely delicious snackable food.

4. Harajuku Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for some gyoza then you will find the pop up version of Harajuku Kitchen on George Street for the rest of the Festival. Sitting beside The Famous Grouse House they are serving up a delicious variety of pork or vegetable gyoza or stir fried noodles. We heartly recommend both (as we regularly seek them out at Stockbridge Market)

5. La Favorita

La Favorita

Less of an independent, more Edinburgh giant, but there are relatively few good places to get a slice of pizza that’s really tasty. La Favorita can be found with their wood fired pizza oven both inside and outside the Tron Kirk on the Royal Mile (Hunter Square, by North Bridge); it’s a sure fire way of a tasty slice of pizza to munch on between shows.

Who would you add to this list? Tweet us up and let us know!

6 pubs to drink craft beer in

OK, so we’re all about Comedy. And Theatre. And Dance. And Music. Well any sort of performance, really – it’s August after all – but whilst you’re going to Fringe and EIF shows all over the city you don’t want to sacrifice your taste buds on the alter of a purple plywood pop up bar that only serves terrible beer. We’ve recently given you 9 places to eat during the Fringe, and 5 Shows You Need to See, so it’s time to get back to beer – here are our pick of 6 bars you can get decent beer in and are close to all the action in the city centre. There are no more excuses for lousy pints.

1. The Hanging Bat

We love this Lothian Road bar, it’s always got interesting beers on and their staff know their business – if you’ve been out at Fountain bridge or are looking to escape the craziness of the Grassmarket then head to the Hanging Bat for refreshment.

2. Brewdog

Brewdog Bar Edinburgh

It’s hard not to enjoy Brewdog’s trademark establishment-bashing branding, but their bar on the Cowgate is the perfect antidote to the ‘stack em high, sell em cheap’ bars that line the street. The others are good at free shows, Brewdog is good at providing beers that actually taste of something. It’s not the biggest of bars, but you can sit outside and they’ve extended their usual outdoor area for the festival.

3. Holyrood 9a

Holyrood 9A


We’re big fans of this place, it’s appeared on the blog several times, but here it is the perfect place to go if you’re bored of the crowds at the Pleasance Courtyard up the hill or the Royal Mile on the other side. They are always willing to offer advice on beers you haven’t tasted and give you a bit to try. Their food is also delicious, if you’re feeling those hunger pains from all that rushing about.

4. Ox184

Sister bar to Holyrood 9a, this new(ish) bar is in between its sister and Brewdog, making it a very welcome addition to the otherwise lack-luster supply of pubs on the Cowgate. Ox184 is perfect for the festival as it’s open until 3am most nights, serves food until after 2 in the morning and has DJs and live music nightly.

Food - Beer Kitchen Edinburgh5. The Beer Kitchen

Another new kid on the block, Edinburgh brewers Innis and Gunn’s first foray into the world of bars has started off really well. Only opening a few weeks ago, it’s already getting a reputation for having a great range of beers available and a menu that takes traditional kinds of pub food and then doing them so much better.

6. Ushers

A lot of the festival is happening around George Square this year, so somewhere near by is a must for a quick beer between shows. Ushers is a basement beer bar on West Nicolson Street that offers everything you can need for a quick stop off – there’s lots of space, a decent atmosphere all day and a serious commitment to having a huge range of beers available at all times.

Where would you recommend? Comment below with your favourite place to get craft beer in the city centre or Tweet us up!

All information is correct at publication, if you notice a change please let us know and we’ll update it.

Udderbelly Edinburgh Fringe

We’re almost at the end of week 1 at the Fringe! How on earth did that happen? We stopped for a cheeky little G&T and appear to have lost several days…
That’s not quite true – we’ve been busy running about town seeing lots and lots of different shows. Some have been amazing (see below), others have been average, some bizarre and one that – quite honestly – we’re going to be in therapy over for the next few years. But this isn’t about us, it’s about shows you should go see, so without further ado…

Jollyboat Edinburgh Fringe1. Jollyboad: Nerdplay

We’re at the risk of becoming total fanboys here – they were mentioned in our 13 Shows to See this year, and here they are again – but we saw Nerdplay on Monday afternoon and were practically rolling in the aisles with laughter. It’s a free show, but well worth a donation on the way out. The room was also full on a 2-for-1 day, which is traditionally the day that free shows have no audience, that’s how good these guys are. Many puns. Even more laughs.


2. Phil Wang: Philth

Unlike most standup at the Fringe, Phil Wang’s show, Philth (see what he did there?), goes along at quite a gentle pace. Far from making this show dull, it’s timed to absolute perfection to be utterly hilarious and very different from most other shows you see. The room is stupidly hot, but it’s well worth the sauna visit – one of our favourite shows of this year, we’ll wear our Philth badges with pride.


3. Austentatious

It’s theatre, it’s improv, it’s comedy and it’s absolutely brilliant. Austentatious has been on the Free Fringe for a couple of years now, but this year has made it into Udderbelly (the giant upside down purple cow, see photo above). They take title suggestions for lost Jane Austen novels from the audience as they go in, so no one in the show knows what’s going to happen until ‘The Professor’ picks one out of the hat. These guys are great, and you will be laughing throughout.


4. Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft

Part of Best of the Fest on Sunday night (details of that show here – well worth staying up for) we saw Milton Jones in his trademark crazy shirt dishing out the one liners to roaring laughter and applause – even our friend who doesn’t like him on TV was a fan. There are ripples of laughter as different people get the jokes, but Jones is a master of playing the crowd and even pulled off a gag about eyebrows. What a pro.



5. Andrew Ryan

We’ve seen Andrew Ryan in two small segments at things so far this year, and he’s easily been one of the best parts about both evenings. It might be a bit of a walking stereotype for an Irish comic to make jokes about the church (if you’re easily offended, probably a show to miss), but when they’re that funny you just don’t care. He’s going to do really well this year, so see him now so you can brag to your friends when he makes it big.


Have you got a show that you think we really need to see? Comment bellow or find us on Twitter and we’ll get it in our diary.

It’s here! The streets are full, it’s not weird to see a clown walking down the road and there’s a giant, upturned purple cow lurking in George Square. We couldn’t be more excited. Here are our thoughts from the first few days:

Shows to see:

Jess Robinson - FringeJess Robinson: The Rise of Mighty Voice


“We’ll now sing 500 Miles in the Style of Sonya from Eastenders” – the wheel of fortune is amazing. We saw a preview of the show on Tuesday and the whole room was captivated. We later got Katherine Jenkins singing Shake it off. And Kate Bush’s back catalogue in under 3 minutes. It was hilarious. Go see it.


The Harmonium Project

THIS IS TONIGHT (Fri 7th) – The launch event of the Edinburgh International Festival, The Harmonium Project will see a stunning light show on the outside of The Usher Hall tonight, set to the music of John Adam’s Harmonium.  Starts at 10:30pm.


Sonics in Toren - Edinburgh Fringe Sonics in Toren


We were captivated by these guys in their preview. You’ll see them balance and climb all over each other in ways you never knew the human body could…


What to Eat:

We’ve written an entire list of 9 places that you can eat without breaking the bank. It includes a healthy option and somewhere to get the sort of food your hangover loves. Read here.

9 Places to Eat During the Fringe

Fun things we’ve seen

The Fringe is always full of ‘interesting’ characters and amazing popups – here are a couple of our favourite pictures:

Famous Grouse HousePop Up Haggis Shop

August is now well and truly here – but whilst we’re all rushing about going to see comedy stars, up and coming cabaret, circus performances and classical concerts we’re also getting really hungry. How can we eat all that food that we so dearly want without breaking the bank? Here’re 9 of our favourite places in town that you can get a reasonably priced meal without hitting up big chains.

1. Ting Thai Caravan

Looking for a little spice in your life? Located near the top of Middle Meadow Walk and across from McEwan Hall, Caravan (as it’s known) is a great place to grab some reasonably priced Thai street food – you can read our full review here. If it’s sunny get it to go and head to the Meadows.

Ting Thai Caravan

2. The French Connection Creperie

Down in the Grassmarket or the top of the Cowgate then look out for the crepe van. These delicious spots of sweet or savouriness will stop stomachs rumbling and can be got between shows.

3. Snax

Overdone it last night and need a breakfast option? There are two versions of Snax cafe (one by St Andrew Square, the other near the edge of the Meadows) and they are your hangover’s best friend. Big breakfasts featuring many fried things or take away rolls – need we say more?

4. Union of Genius

If you’re looking for a healthier lunch option, then make your way to Forest Road (or their van in George Square) for some delicious, home made, fresh soup. Options change daily but are always delicious! Read more about them in our interview!

5. Burger Meats Bun

Burger Meats Bun Edinburgh

One of our favourite places in the city for a burger, Burger Meats Bun is just off Broughton Street so perfect for all East End shows and walks up Calton Hill. They have better versions of all your standard burgers plus specials. These are burgers you’ll remember. Read our full review.

6. Jones & Son – Boxsmall Market

On the burger theme, Jones & Son do a mean bacon cheese burger. Located in the market on top of Princes Mall, you’ll find coffee, ice cream and other treats in this market too (but the burgers are definitely the best part).

Jones & Son Burger

7. Mosque Kitchen

Looking for something filling but affordable for dinner? Mosque Kitchen, just beside the Central Mosque, offer a delicious range of curries that won’t break the bank.

8. Bar Napoli

This place is busy, loud and just what you need from an Italian restaurant. Located on Hanover Street, this is a really popular venue for both larger parties and small groups, the food is hearty but reasonably priced and the wine flows very well.

9. Tail End

If you’re visiting for the festival it seems bad not to include at least one option for fish and chips. There are few places in Edinburgh that do it well, but the best take away is probably Tail End on Leith Walk. Don’t just take our word for it though, look at their windows and see all the awards they’ve won!

Regardless of where you find yourself in the city during the festival, when hungry strikes there’s no reason to break the bank or eat in a chain unless you really want to. Try out what the local businesses are offering and you’ll have a much better dinner!

Have you got a suggestion that you think should be in this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

The Huxley Crab Cakes

Have you ever wandered past The Huxley and wondered what it’s like to sit in those tables by the large bay windows? I regularly do, however I wonder no longer as we recently paid a visit to The Huxley to try out their lunch menu.

We were booked in for 12:30 on a Thursday, so it was a mixture of business people, bag-clutching shoppers, and friends meeting up for a bite to eat in the middle of their day. Having been to The Huxley before (or rather the bar) late on a Friday evening and its more formal restaurant upstairs – Kyloe – a couple of times I knew roughly what we were to expect; it’s a hipster gone mainstream tamed by stylish practicality vibe. There are tweed-clad chairs, slightly mis-matched furniture and the menu features burgers and hot dogs.

The Huxley

But not just any burgers and dogs – there are naked dogs, buttermilk fried chicken, Vietnamese dogs, piggy topped burgers, and not to mention Grilled BLT focaccia or the ‘small plate’ section. It’s not just another place doing burgers for lunch, there’s a serious impetus on the flavours here.

We (today’s reviewing partner was the excellent taste buds of my mum, last seen critiquing The Magnum) spent far too long humming and hawing over what to eat – the poor waitress had to come by three times before we were ready – and not least because trying to work out the respective sizes of the ‘Small Plates’ is nigh-on impossible as there’s no indication of what size they are, whether you need multiple to make up a tapas style meal, or other such helpful information. I was also a little sad that despite the breakfast menu being quite vast you can only have it until 11 – not sure why it’s on the same page as lunch/dinner when they are served at separate times. But such is life – no eggs royale allowed at lunchtime.

After much indecision we settled on a burger each – one buttermilk chicken, one ‘Piggy’ – and a portion of the Baltimore crab cakes to share as a starter.

Piggy Burger The Huxley

The crab cakes were absolutely delicious, and whilst there’s nothing particularly that makes me think of Baltimore (although my overwhelming memory of the city is that it was very cold when I was there) these are an option I would highly recommend. The sauce was citrus-y and had a lovely tang that makes you want to order a second plate. It’s just as well we didn’t because despite their diminutive appearance the burgers were incredibly filling. And the hotch-potch of mis-matched chips just begged for you to keep eating them. Served in little plastic baskets that reminded us of a) the 1970s (and not in a good way) and b) Pinto across the road, their appearance was a little odd and not really in line with the upmarket approach taken everywhere else, but burger baskets and our inability to decide what to eat aside we had a great lunch.

Should you go to The Huxley? In a word: Yes. It’s a really handy venue with good options whether you’re there breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner time. Price wise, it’s a good middle ground – neither cafe nor restaurant prices – and great for a catch up lunch with delicious food. It can be a little bit of a carb-fest if you aren’t careful with your options, but personally I’d suggest you order a glass of wine and just enjoy your meal.

We were, as you may well be able to guess, not asked to pick up the bill (or rather the food bill, in this instance – we paid for the drinks). Please rest assured though that anything we are given in the course of reviewing is simply just a plate of food. We do not change our opinions and nor are they influenced by getting given something. More details can be found in our Disclosure Policy.

24 hours in Edinburgh

Welcome! The sun is out and Edinburgh’s waiting for you! Our aim at Edinburgh Editor is to help you find your own version of Edinburgh, discovering a combination of the best big names and great local businesses along the way. Here are some suggestions if you have 24 hours in Edinburgh!


For most of us one of the most important parts of the morning is the time to caffeinate. Edinburgh’s love of coffee has been rapidly growing over the last few years – today there are coffee bars in every section of the city, so you don’t have to queue up in a chain and can get better coffee.

Brewlab Coffee

Coffee lovers should make a point of having a sit in coffee (with avocado on toast, if you’re there before 11:30) at Brew Lab in the old town, or get a take away delight from Fortitude on York Place.

More great coffees can be found in our coffee guides – Part I and Part II.

Must see sights

There are just some things that everyone should see when visiting Edinburgh. We couldn’t do this list, for example, without mentioning Edinburgh Castle – it’s pretty amazing, and right there in the city centre. But even if you don’t want to pay the entrance fee it’s well worth the walk up Castle Hill for the views out over the city and miles beyond.

Edinburgh Skyline

But if you think the view is good from The Castle, then you should really get a little more height for an even better view. It may feel like you’re always walking up hill in Edinburgh, but when it comes to Calton Hill and Arthurs Seat the views are more than worth it. The picture postcard view across the New Town to the Castle is usually taken from Calton Hill, and for those willing to put a little effort in and climb Arthurs Seat the vistas are even better. And by taking the climb, you’ll have worked up an appetite just in time for lunch.


After a morning of sightseeing you’ll likely be feeling the need to pick up on the eating front again. Edinburgh is full of great places for lunch, with variety covering practically everything you could possibly want.

In the Old Town and fancy a bagel? Pop over the Elephants & Bagels by Bristo Square – it’s the less-touristy sibling of The Elephant House (famed as being where JK Rowling created Harry Potter) and does a staggering range of bagels and fillings. Feeling a bit chilly? What you need is soup – try Union of Genius on Forrest Road for brilliant fresh soups.

Not in the Old Town? Head down to Canonmills for all day breakfasts, great coffee and brilliantly large slices of cake at The Blue Bear; or alternatively get your cheese fix with the incredible cheese toasties at The Cairngorm Coffee Co. on Frederick Street.

Cairngorm Coffee Co. Bike



Fully rested over lunch? Now It’s time to see one of the many amazing attractions our fair city offers. If you’re here during August or over Christmas there is a plethora of festival activities on, but don’t worry if you’re outside these times there’s always something exciting going on.

If none of the temporary activities take your fancy there are loads of permanent attractions – many of which are free! All publicly funded museums and galleries are free to enter, although a donation towards their upkeep is appreciated. The most famous of these is the simply stunning National Museum of Scotland – it’s the most visited attraction in Scotland for a reason – which houses both tantalising tales from within the nation’s history and a diverse selection from around the world. It also has one of the most incredible great halls you’ll see anywhere. Other great free attractions include the National Academy, Modern Art Gallery, or if you fancy some more time in the sunshine the breathtaking Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh are just a short walk from the New Town.

Scottish ParliamentHolyrood Palace

Other fantastic attractions which are well worth taking the time to see are the Palace of Holyrood – the Queen’s official residence in Scotland – which is brilliantly juxtaposed by the striking sight of the Scottish Parliament (we’d love to hear what you think it looks like. No seriously, we’re still not sure). Our Dynamic EarthThe Royal Yacht Britannia and Edinburgh Zoo are also wonderful places to pass the afternoon.


With everything from places serving comfort food to high end dining, Edinburgh has everything you want for dinner. We have a big range of pubs serving food and also the highest concentration of Michelin Star restaurants in the UK outside of London – every taste bud is catered for.

If you’re after a burger we’d suggest the seasonal specials at Burger Meats Bun on Forth Street or a venison burger at Holyrood 9a (who also happen to have a great selection of beers for you to try as well).

Chicken Burger Burger Meats Bun

Looking for something a little more upmarket but still not too formal? Head to Stockbridge and The Scran and Scallie. This gastro pub is owned by two of our city’s Michelin Starred chefs and was created so they could serve great food to more people than can come to their star-clad restaurants.

Nearing the higher end of the scale, Timberyard is one of the city centre’s best hidden gems. It’s an old brick warehouse that was indeed once owned by a timber merchant; today it serves some of the best local and seasonal food in the city.


So you’ve had your dinner and the day is drawing on. Perhaps you’ve been for a little evening stroll and now you’d like a whisky, a glass of wine, perhaps a G&T or maybe several, where should you go? You’re in luck because Edinburgh has a very strong bar scene.

In the New Town for dinner? Why not try hidden away cocktail bar The Bon Vivant on Thistle Street – it’s famous for its delicious cocktails and excellent wine offering. Want to be blown away by the building you’re in? Then head to The Dome on George Street, it’s checker floured entrance is nothing compared to The Dome’s namesake in the main bar.

Devil's Advocate

If you’re on the older side of the city and want a cocktail or some whisky then The Devil’s Advocate, just off the Royal Mile, will be the perfect setting for an evening soiree, or if you are in need of a refreshing G&T talk a walk to 56 North – it’s got more than 200 different kinds of gin on offer, the largest range in Scotland!

Calton Hill Sunset 

Sadly all good things have to come to an end, and it seems the sun has now set on your day, but that’s no reason to be sad. Either you are going to wake up tomorrow and do it all again or you can just start making that list of places you want to see and go to the next time you come visit Edinburgh, you’ll always be welcome back.

Occasionally our weather is not quite as sunny as we’d like for your visit, so here are a selection of 7 things to do when it rains!


It’s a Wednesday night and it’s a little bit grim outside. But that doesn’t matter because we’re not going anywhere. We’re ‘eating out’, but not actually out because it’s coming to us. You’d be forgiven for being a bit confused by this seemingly contradictory dinner, but let’s explain: we’re trying out Deliveroo – a new service that brings restaurant quality food to your door. Launched in June, you’ve likely seen one of their motorbikes about or some of their advertising – it’s the one with the kangaroo on it.

At its most basic principals, Deliveroo lets you order from a restaurant kitchen and they will deliver it to your door. It’s almost impossible to talk about it without comparison to things like Hungry House or Just Eat, but it’s definitely not another takeaway ordering service; it’s all about restaurants.

When we were asked to give it a go, I’ll admit I thought there was going to be more options. They have a tight geographical system that lets you order based on your postcode. There are some very good reasons for this – primarily to ensure it’s hot, I would guess – but even living very centrally our options were limited to 25 places (some of which weren’t open). In the grand scheme of things that’s not bad, but when we tried other postcodes of friends around the city (inc. Marchmont, Newhaven, western suburbia) some had fewer options, others had none at all.


So, how did we get on? It’s really easy to work their site – it’s really well designed for its purpose – but sadly our first choice of restaurant wouldn’t work – we got a message saying the order could not be fulfilled. The fact that you can get all the way through the order and then be told no was not good (I won’t name the restaurant in question), but hats off to the customer service people on Twitter – they responded to our hungry moaning quickly and handled it well (apparently the restaurant was a bit naughty and shouldn’t have declined the order).

Choice 2 – since it was getting late – was burgers; so we opted for the avocado and cheese topped burgers of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was hard to resist. And then we came across the salted caramel milkshakes. Yeah – salted caramel milkshakes.


From the moment we got the order confirmed to the time the buzzer rang was about 20 minutes (well inside the stated 35) and our delivery guy was pretty good and had a big smile on his face when we opened the door (despite confessing he dreaded carrying milkshakes).

We love the concept of this service, and if you’re feeling lazy or it’s pouring with rain it’s great. For us though, only being able to get from restaurants that it would take us less than 20 minutes to walk to was quite limiting. If we were going to pay restaurant prices – at just shy of £45 for the 2 of us it is definitely more than a takeaway – we would be more inclined to go to the restaurant. Having said that, it would be great for days where you don’t want to go outside or if you have a group of you at work looking for lunch.

In short, we really enjoyed our dinner, but whether or not we’d use the service again is neither a certainty nor a definite shake of the head. The tight geographical areas you can get delivery to seems a hugely limiting factor to Deliveroo, and whilst it’s for good reasons (and doesn’t limit us too much) it takes the service away from the people less likely to eat out in the restaurants in question. But all that said, Deliveroo is still adding restaurants all the time, we look forward to seeing how they get on in the coming months.

Have you tried Deliveroo? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

We were asked by Deliveroo to try the service, and were fully refunded for our dinner. As always, all opinions are our own and not influenced in any way by Deliveroo. If you would like to know more, please see our disclosure policy.

Have you ever been to Foodies Festival? If not you’re missing out!

Foodies Festival is one of the UK’s most successful food festivals, but did you know it all started out in Edinburgh? This year Foodies Festival celebrates its 10th year in Edinburgh, and we’re delighted to be giving away TWO pairs of tickets to help them celebrate.

Last year 34,000 people went to Foodies, and this year the event will be running the 7-9th August in the sunny delights of Inverleith Park. Owing to its on-going success, this year the festival site will be 50% bigger than in previous years, meaning even more food and drinks producers, tents and theatres. Highlights for us last year involved drinking rum from a coconut (seriously, it was delicious and very, very boozy), sharing a potato spiral with Stephen K Amos (again, seriously), watching Mark Greenaway and Adam Handling, and eating multiple times our own weight in absolutely delicious food. Could there be a better way of getting into the festival spirit?

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets for a day of your choosing, simply enter our competition:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to guarantee yourself tickets then you can buy them from the website: foodiesfestival.com
win foodies festival tickets

Still not convinced you want to go? Here’s a list of some of our photos from the last couple of years and this year’s chefs:

Michelin-star Marcello Tully – Kinloch Lodge

Jamie Scott – MasterChef: The Professionals 2014 winner

Adam Handling – Adam Handling at Caxton voted Scotland’s Chef of the Year

Mark Greenaway – Restaurant Mark Greenaway and Bistro Moderne

Tony Singh – TV Chef & food Author

Paul Wedgwood – Wedgwoods

Neil Forbes – Cafe St Honore

Jian Wang – Chop Chop

Graeme Pallister – 63 Tay Street

Colin Findlay – Melville Castle

Kim Atcharahorn Kaewkraikhot – Chaophraya

Ian McAndrew – Blackaddie

There will also be the Wine, Champagne and Craft Beer Theatre, a tasting theatre and much, much more.

Terms and conditions

  1. The prize is two pairs of one day tickets to Foodies Festival in Edinburgh, to be used on a day of the winner’s choosing – the prize is being provided to us by Foodies Festival/Lanyard PR
  2. The competition will run until 11:59pm on Tuesday 28th July 2015 (BST), with the winner decided and notified by Wednesday 29th July.
  3. We will notify the winner by email by Wednesday 29th July, they will have 48 hours to respond – if this does not happen, the second most entertaining answer will win. The same process will apply.
  4. The prize will be fulfilled by Lanyard PR, we will only pass the email address of the winner on to them. Edinburgh Editor takes no responsibility for the prize.
  5. All emails collected by this competition will be added to the Edinburgh Editor newsletter mailing list – details of which can be found here. If you do not wish to be added please either unsubscribe or email editor@edinburgheditor.com with the email address you wish not to be added – this will not affect your chances of winning.
  6. We have been provided with festival tickets in return for running this competition, full details of our disclosure policy can be found here.