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Eating & Drinking in Canonmills


We find ourselves again needing to eat and to caffeinate. Which, in case you were wondering, is most definitely a word – or at least it is now. But of course this is Edinburgh and there is both coffee and food to be found around every corner.

If you’ve recently found yourself thinking that it might be time to start exploring other parts of the capital where you can relax all summer and generally avoid the busiest parts of town you’re not alone. After spending time in more central coffee shops – here’s Part I and Part II – we’ve recently been spending much more time than ever before in Canonmills and Stockbridge – which can surely only be a good thing. And because there are so many fun, independent places to eat and drink it seems only fair that we do our bit to spread the word. So, aside from having some wonderful graffiti, here are a few places for you to try out for coffee and cake, or perhaps even more, in Canonmills.

The Blue Bear

The Blue Bear

Down in the very heart of Canonmills, The Blue Bear has rapidly become a favourite of ours. With delicious coffees – and lots of exciting home-baked cakes and scones – on offer, plus a relaxed and friendly atmosphere this is a place you can go to meet people, do a bit of work or simply hide from anything you wish to hide from. It’s not the biggest coffeeshop in the world, but it goes back further than you expect.

The Blue Bear

Roamin’ Nose

This place is a cafe/bistro/coffee shop/so many things. But it somehow manages to do them all really well. No matter what time of day it is, this place will have a treat in store for you, and some really good coffee to go alongside it. Whether you’re passing by at breakfast time, lunch, dinner or somewhere in between you’ll be made to feel welcome in this wonderfully compact little place.

Cuckoo’s Bakery

Rapidly becoming and Edinburgh institution, Cuckoo’s Bakery is a must for cake lovers. With lots of custom coffees to go alongside your cake – we’re just going to go ahead and assume you’re having a cake if you’re here – you can easily lose an hour or two here catching up with friends. Have we mentioned how good their cakes are? Because they’re really good.

Cuckoo's Bakery

Coffee Angel

With near floor-to-ceiling windows, this place is utterly bathed in natural light, so feels hugely refreshing and airy. Their coffees are delicious and they even have milkshakes if you’re not feeling the coffee at that particular moment – or better still, combine the two. With tables, window stools, sofas and takeaway all available, this place caters for just about every eventuality. They also have a tempting sounding breakfast menu which we may have to try out.

Coffee Milkshake, Coffee Angel, Canonmills


I love Earthy, although I find it very hard not to go in and just buy everything. They’re a great local shop, selling (and serving, in their delicious cafe-come-bistro) locally sourced and grown produce. It’s seasonal, hugely flavoursome and helps to promote other local businesses. They’ve a couple of locations across the city, but Canonmills is where it is at for us – it’s a bistro, deli, shop and the sort of place I shouldn’t be allowed in unsupervised.

This is, of course, but a taste of wheat’s on offer down in Canonmills – there are more cafes, bistros, pubs, restaurants and much more besides (those looking for second hand books or to buy a piano are also catered for). Why not take a trip there yourself and tell us what your favourite places are.


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