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Where to drink coffee (Part II)

Recently I did a post about some of Edinburgh’s wonderful independent coffee shops, but there was a bit of a problem with it – it wasn’t nearly long enough. There are loads and loads of great coffee shops in our fine city, giving three is simply grazing the surface. I asked Twitter what it thought were the best and I had a list very, very quickly which added on to my own. So, to make things a little fairer here are four more coffee shops that you should visit around town, and we’re still only skimming the froth of the top of the proverbial cappuccino.

Wellington Coffee

33a George Street, EH2

Wellington Coffee

Down a couple of steps off George Street is a little piece of coffee heaven. The black and white floor gives way to partially wood panelled walls and a counter dominated by their enormous coffee machine. It sits about 12 on stools around the outside, but its classic look is also available to take away with you.

The deep, rich coffee is a treat to drink and the care that goes in to crafting it is plain to see. There are granola bars, muffins and croissants available and if you sit in I always find it hard not to want a second cup. A total breath of fresh air from the hubub outside, those few little steps down from George Street lead you somewhere very special.

Castello Coffee Co

6 Castle Street, EH2

Castello is a tiny little shop – even by coffee shop standards – there literally wouldn’t be room to swing a cat. But their coffee is rich and delicious. Expertly brewed it is the perfect stopping off point if you’re looking for a coffee on the go.

I have to say I find the service a little hit and miss – I’ve been given disbelieving looks that I want my coffee in my reusable mug (the ‘our coffees aren’t that bucket-size’ sort), kind of going against their ‘green’ vibe – but the coffee is really good and very well priced, so I will be going back time and again.

Cairngorm Coffee Co

41a Frederick Street, EH2

Have you ever been shopping in the New Town and realised that you just can’t hack it and need caffeine? This is how I feel every time I attempt to shop, and conveniently how I came to try Cairngorm Coffee Co. Nestled down a few steps on the north side of Fredrick St, this is a little coffee haven.

They profess to the best cheese toasties in the world, and whilst I am yet to verify this, I really enjoy the variety of coffee on offer in this brilliant little space. It’s well worth a visit whether you’re avoiding crowded shops or not.

Machino Espresso

2 Brougham Place, EH3

Machino Espresso

Having lived in Marchmont and worked in the New Town until relatively recently I walked passed Machino Espresso about twice a day. It was my morning caffeine hit on the way into the office and often the provider of a great iced coffee on the way home. If you’re going to the Meadows or up in Tollcross make sure you pop in.

It’s a great use of limited space, with tables inside and out, so you can sit in with your coffee and food. I’ve not had any of their sandwiches or the cakes, but every time I went in I was sorely tempted as they look simply divine.

And there we have it – four more coffee haunts for you to try out (or continue to be a patron of). What do you think of them? Which are your favourites? What would you include in a part III? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

An Edinburgh native who loves discovering the new places and rediscovering old favourites, then taking photos and writing about it.


  1. Hey, we’re a new BBQ joint and also coffee lovers so worked hard to get our caffeine right! We get it from Home Ground Coffee in Cardross (http://www.homegroundcoffee.co.uk) and along with Alastair there, we developed a unique blend, lightly roasted, high in acidity with great fruit and a bit of choccy. Would love some coffee lovers to come try it out (maybe along with our ace homemade cakes…!!).

    As for where I get my hits… really like Kilimanjaro on Nicholson St, and The Caffeine Drip at The West End.

    • Excellent little piece of self promo there! 😉 Where are you guys based?

      Two great options there – love both places.

      • Ha ha! Every little helps… tough industry and all….!!! Seriously though, we’re a BBQ joint, so not many people come for coffee, but it’s something we’re proud of – working on homemade condensed milk for it too! We’re on Holyrood Road, opposite Holyrood 9A (who also knock out pretty decent coffee, though I prefer their beer!)

        • Oh of course you are – seen it many times on my way in for one of their beers. I’ll have to pop in next time I’m heading that way and try you guys out.