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Friday Photo: Surgeons Hall

Today’s Friday Photo was going to be of Calton Hill, but last night Edinburgh Editor was at the wonderful Festival Theatre for James II – one of the three James Plays that are the centerpiece of this year’s Edinburgh International Festival. It was one of those rare days where everything came from the sky – brilliant sunshine, torrential rain, hailstones (according to Twitter, at least) and thunder – and during a wander at the interval the sight below met our eyes. With Surgeons Hall, the Festival Theatre and the street lit up for the Festival and the Dooms Day-esque clouds over Salisbury Crags it seemed only fitting that it should be our penultimate Festival Friday Photo.

The Edinburgh International Festival (or EIF, as it’s more commonly known) is the original August festival in Edinburgh, showcasing some of the best music, drama, opera and dance in the world. This year, the central drama showcase is the James Plays. Based on the lives of three of Scotland’s Stewart kings who ruled in the 15th century, these new plays vividly bring the history of these kings and courts to life. We can’t speak for the two that we haven’t seen, but James II was an excellent tale of a young king and the various nobles of his court as they all pursue their own agendas – all in the name of the king, of course.

As far as we know, these plays will be going on tour – starting in London – in the near future and if like us your history needs a bit of a polish or you want tales of intrigue and passion, then these are for you. Fittingly, the atmosphere outside the theatre was as brooding and foreboding as the action on stage. We absolutely love the Festival Theatre (and Surgeons Hall opposite), although we don’t visit nearly often enough.

Enjoy the weekend, and make the most of the Festivals, there’s only 1 week left for 2014!

Surgeons Hall

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