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The Fringe at its finest

#unbored Fringe Tickets

August is totally running away from us now – we’re edging very close to the FINAL week of the Fringe!

Doubtlessly you’ve been running all over town – well, slowly shuffling through the crowds in some parts –  seeing a huge variety of shows. Some you’ll have loved, others will doubtlessly be a touch on the disappointing side. It’s all part of the experience though (as is working out where you can recycle all those flyers), and as time is running out for the 2014 Festivals Edinburgh Editor is going to throw out a few suggestions based on what we’ve seen over the last few weeks. There have been loads of shows and we can’t recommend them all, but here are some favourites.

Royal Mile Fringe

Stand up

There’s obviously LOADS of stand up going on just now, but who should you see?

Chris Ramsey

We went to see Chris’ show on Monday night and spent the time howling with laughter. It’s all too real and picks on bits of life you’d never even realised you’d seen – and those you just accept, but don’t notice how ridiculous they are. His run is on at Pleasance One, but is only 9 nights!

Jason Cook

A great stand up that we saw on Best of the Fest. Ridiculously funny, but in a clever (non-crude/shouty) way. He’s a very unnderstated guy, but he definitely packs in the laughs and you leave chuckling away to yourself about life. Well worth the afternoon trip.

#unbored Fringe Tickets

Stuart Goldsmith

A totally new name to us that we went to see on a whim after seeing his poster and thinking he looked like my brother’s friend. Incidentally, that’s how he also described himself during the show! It’s a small venue, but his routine is an absolutely hilarious look at his life. My stomach was sore from laughter by the time we left. He’s on in the Pleasance Attic most nights.

Carl Hutchinson

Easily one of my favourite acts from this year. This affable Geordie is effortlessly funny and is clearly having a great time interacting with the audience. The show totally flies by in gales of laughter, he’s definitely on our list of people to see in the future and we’ve send many friends to see him already – all have loved it. He’s on at the Pleasance most nights.

Assembly George Square

Other Fantastic Shows

Not everything is stand up though and there are some hilarious shows you need to go see.

Sh*tfaced Shakespeare

Take six classically trained Shakespearean actors performing a play, oh but one of them is spectacularly drunk. Totally hilarious and not at all stuffy Shakespeare to run away from. It’s a great late night show and the actors are clearly having a ball. It’s to Underbelly one doth go for this play.


Pirate-base puns in pop songs. Need we really say anything more than that? Surely you’re on your way to go see them already? It’s part of the FreeFringe, but is absolutely hilarious and worth trying out. It’s on in one of the Cowgate venues until the end of the Fringe.


Irish hip hop comedy. We were skeptical at first (but also totally in), we needn’t have been though as the whole crowd in the purple cow were virtually rolling with laughter in the aisles. How anyone can get a self scanning checkouts, a novel and shield into a song as they’re improvising it is beyond me. Truly hilarious – go see it tonight.

The Magnets at the Fringe

Special Mentions

Best of the Fest

On at midnight every night, this show at Assembly on the Mound takes a handful of comedians and sets your evening roaring with laughter. You’ll enjoy some parts more than others, but the range and quality they get in these shows is fantastic.

The Magnets

Only in the special mentions section because their run is now over, The Magnets are a six piece a cappella marvel. It’s the second time we’ve seen these guys and they are fantastic – especially their beatboxer. They tour all over the world and have been at the Fringe for the last ten years (!!!) – you should check them out – samples on YouTube – and get tickets when you can!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the rest of the Fringe! Upcoming adventures for us include This is Ceilidh, Sue Perkins at the BBC, James II (part of the EIF) and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (again, EIF). Let us know about your adventures and follow Edinburgh Editor on Twitter!

An Edinburgh native who loves discovering the new places and rediscovering old favourites, then taking photos and writing about it.


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