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3 Places to get Ice Cream

Not so long ago I was walking through town with a friend when we decided we wanted an ice cream. Problem is, there aren’t that many places in Edinburgh which specialise in this particular vice. Whilst it’s hardly surprising as we don’t really want it ten months of the year, there are times when only ice cream will do. Edinburgh Editor has been on the hunt for great places for this frozen goodness and here are three that we found. If you know of anywhere else please tell us in the comments below or on Twitter – there is no such thing as knowing ‘too many’ good places to get ice cream.



Luca's Ice Cream Morningside

Years ago – after the demise of Mr Boni’s at Tollcross – I came to S Luca to have an ice cream sundae in their cafe up stairs; a reward for a good school report, if I remember rightly. Well, a fair few years down the line it is a mere wander down the road from EE HQ and prime territory for conveniently stopping by on an evening stroll. The queue for the take away counter was out the door when we showed up to ‘just double check’ the quality before writing about it, but soon enough there was a wafer cone in my hand – one scoop of ‘fudgywudgy’, the other Nutella.

So the fudge may have a stupid name, but the vanilla base was excellent and the fudge sauce running through it was delicious. But the star of my cone – and the one I strongly recommend you try – is the Nutella. Not just chocolate with a fancy name, this scoop really lived up to its brand namesake, with a great nutty and chocolatey flavour.



Nardini's Bruntsfield

Just up the hill from Luca’s, Cafe Nardini is a fairly new addition to Bruntsfield. Its corner location offering some tables inside and out – and a mouthwatering sundaes menu to work your way through – but again it was a takeaway kind of an evening. This particular evening, it was a classic on order – Mint Choc Chip. Fresh, minty, creamy, chocolatey – thankfully this cone was everything it needed to be, ensuring that there will be many return trips to Nardini – I have my eyes on that sundae menu.

Mary’s Milkbar


Mary's Milkbar

The newcomer to the ice cream scene, Mary’s Milkbar is inspired by the mid-twentieth century milk bars found at seaside resorts up and down the country, but modernised with some Italian-trained know-how and innovative ideas.

This visit happened on a rare weekday afternoon where it was both gloriously sunny and I was not at work. After queuing up behind a couple of people who were also clearly in the know about this place, I opted for one scoop of gelato and one of sorbet: white chocolate and cardamon, and fresh mint and strawberry, respectively. Perhaps lacking a little in punch (particularly in the cardamon department) they both tasted very much of home made goodness and were delicious. If you’re more of a gelato person than an ice cream one, then head down to the Grassmarket next time it’s sunny; and if you think you’re more ice cream, then I’d go try it any just to be sure.

So there we have it, three of Edinburgh’s finest ice cream establishments – what do you think of them and is there anywhere else you could recommend?

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