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Today’s the day

Edinburgh Commonwealth Games

In case you’re living under a rock in the UK you’re probably aware that today is the day that the XX Commonwealth Games begin in Glasgow!

Glasgow 2014 marks the 20th time the games have been held (the third time in Scotland, Edinburgh hosting two previous versions) and athletes have descended on the city from all over the Commonwealth to take part in 11 days of sporting action. Broadcast across the country by the BBC (if you’re in the UK that is) it really is a time to start feeling all sporty and athletic, or at the very least become an ‘expert’ in a new sport having watched it intently for no real reason.

Over the next few days Edinburgh Editor will be Tweeting and posting some photos of the Games from a volunteer’s vantage point, starting tonight with the Opening Ceremony at Celtic Park, Rugby Sevens at Ibrox next Saturday and Sunday, Athletics from Hampden Park next week and finally the Closing Ceremony (again at Hampden Park) on the final Sunday of the games. Wherever you are and whoever you support, here’s hoping for a fantastic Games.

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To celebrate here are the flags for the Games blowing in the Grassmarket below Edinburgh Castle yesterday afternoon.

Edinburgh Commonwealth Games

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