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5 Fringe Shows to See

Udderbelly Edinburgh Fringe

We’re almost at the end of week 1 at the Fringe! How on earth did that happen? We stopped for a cheeky little G&T and appear to have lost several days…
That’s not quite true – we’ve been busy running about town seeing lots and lots of different shows. Some have been amazing (see below), others have been average, some bizarre and one that – quite honestly – we’re going to be in therapy over for the next few years. But this isn’t about us, it’s about shows you should go see, so without further ado…

Jollyboat Edinburgh Fringe1. Jollyboad: Nerdplay

We’re at the risk of becoming total fanboys here – they were mentioned in our 13 Shows to See this year, and here they are again – but we saw Nerdplay on Monday afternoon and were practically rolling in the aisles with laughter. It’s a free show, but well worth a donation on the way out. The room was also full on a 2-for-1 day, which is traditionally the day that free shows have no audience, that’s how good these guys are. Many puns. Even more laughs.


2. Phil Wang: Philth

Unlike most standup at the Fringe, Phil Wang’s show, Philth (see what he did there?), goes along at quite a gentle pace. Far from making this show dull, it’s timed to absolute perfection to be utterly hilarious and very different from most other shows you see. The room is stupidly hot, but it’s well worth the sauna visit – one of our favourite shows of this year, we’ll wear our Philth badges with pride.


3. Austentatious

It’s theatre, it’s improv, it’s comedy and it’s absolutely brilliant. Austentatious has been on the Free Fringe for a couple of years now, but this year has made it into Udderbelly (the giant upside down purple cow, see photo above). They take title suggestions for lost Jane Austen novels from the audience as they go in, so no one in the show knows what’s going to happen until ‘The Professor’ picks one out of the hat. These guys are great, and you will be laughing throughout.


4. Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft

Part of Best of the Fest on Sunday night (details of that show here – well worth staying up for) we saw Milton Jones in his trademark crazy shirt dishing out the one liners to roaring laughter and applause – even our friend who doesn’t like him on TV was a fan. There are ripples of laughter as different people get the jokes, but Jones is a master of playing the crowd and even pulled off a gag about eyebrows. What a pro.



5. Andrew Ryan

We’ve seen Andrew Ryan in two small segments at things so far this year, and he’s easily been one of the best parts about both evenings. It might be a bit of a walking stereotype for an Irish comic to make jokes about the church (if you’re easily offended, probably a show to miss), but when they’re that funny you just don’t care. He’s going to do really well this year, so see him now so you can brag to your friends when he makes it big.


Have you got a show that you think we really need to see? Comment bellow or find us on Twitter and we’ll get it in our diary.

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