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Last chance #edfringe shows

How has this happened? It’s somehow almost the end of the Fringe! This year’s festival seems to have absolutely flown by – although judging by some of the zombified acts and comedians we’ve seen around town in the last few days, they haven’t slept much and need a little break.

What should you be seeing in your precious last few days? That’s what we’re all about today. We’ve given previous show recommendations here and here, but what other shows do you need to make the effort to see? Should it be in a cow, a big top, a courtyard or a dome? Or maybe the basement of a pub you hadn’t really known it existed until this month? The answer? All of the above, naturally. Here are our final six recommendations:

Ed Gamble

Without a doubt one of the best stand up comics we’ve seen this year – Gamble’s delivery is witty, clever and downright hilarious. It’s also part of the Free Fringe (definitely one of the best shows on the Free Fringe), so you don’t even have to buy a ticket. Get to the pub early though, you need a token to get in and they run out every day. We also overheard a couple of people from the comedy departments of ITV and Channel 4 there the day we went – see him now, we doubt he’ll be on the Free Fringe for long!

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Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Just for Graphs

 Festival of the Spoken Nerd 

We’re a bit nerdy here at Edinburgh Editor HQ and perfectly happy about the fact, so a show about visualising data and science, all wrapped up in comedy with some singing, live experiments and the need to have a fire extinguisher on stage was always going to be up our street.

Embrace your inner science geek and get along.

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Foil, Arms & Hog


One of the slickest, tightest and best put together sketch shows we’ve ever seen. This trio of Irishmen look like they are just having the time of their lives on stage and well deserve all the attention they’ve been getting this year. They’re selling out one of Underbelly’s larger venues each night and toying with the audience’s expectations and assumptions so you can never quite tell what’ll happen next. One of our favourite shows we’ve seen this year.


Jess Robinson

 jess robinson 

We went back to see Jess’ full show having seen a preview earlier in August and were absolutely blown away. Jess has an incredible voice and a way with impersonations that will twist your mind into knots trying to work out how she does it. Highlights for us included a double billing of Cheryl [whatever-her-name-is-this-week] and Kate Bush covering Blur’s Common People, and Natille Casidy reading 50 Shades of Grey for a special appeal. Definitely well worth the ticket price.



Everyone loves a bit of a cappella and beatboxing, but this is much, much better. We could have watched any of the singers or the beat boxer for an hour on their own, but together it was utterly fantastic. 

News Revue

A sideways – and very musical – look at some of the biggest news stories to hit our headlines this year. Amazingly, this hour-long spectacular is performed by just four people and a guy on a piano, which is pretty amazing given the volume of stories covered. There are a lot of laughs and a lot of entertaining punchlines – get along before it’s gone.



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