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Lunch at The Huxley, a tasty review

The Huxley Crab Cakes

Have you ever wandered past The Huxley and wondered what it’s like to sit in those tables by the large bay windows? I regularly do, however I wonder no longer as we recently paid a visit to The Huxley to try out their lunch menu.

We were booked in for 12:30 on a Thursday, so it was a mixture of business people, bag-clutching shoppers, and friends meeting up for a bite to eat in the middle of their day. Having been to The Huxley before (or rather the bar) late on a Friday evening and its more formal restaurant upstairs – Kyloe – a couple of times I knew roughly what we were to expect; it’s a hipster gone mainstream tamed by stylish practicality vibe. There are tweed-clad chairs, slightly mis-matched furniture and the menu features burgers and hot dogs.

The Huxley

But not just any burgers and dogs – there are naked dogs, buttermilk fried chicken, Vietnamese dogs, piggy topped burgers, and not to mention Grilled BLT focaccia or the ‘small plate’ section. It’s not just another place doing burgers for lunch, there’s a serious impetus on the flavours here.

We (today’s reviewing partner was the excellent taste buds of my mum, last seen critiquing The Magnum) spent far too long humming and hawing over what to eat – the poor waitress had to come by three times before we were ready – and not least because trying to work out the respective sizes of the ‘Small Plates’ is nigh-on impossible as there’s no indication of what size they are, whether you need multiple to make up a tapas style meal, or other such helpful information. I was also a little sad that despite the breakfast menu being quite vast you can only have it until 11 – not sure why it’s on the same page as lunch/dinner when they are served at separate times. But such is life – no eggs royale allowed at lunchtime.

After much indecision we settled on a burger each – one buttermilk chicken, one ‘Piggy’ – and a portion of the Baltimore crab cakes to share as a starter.

Piggy Burger The Huxley

The crab cakes were absolutely delicious, and whilst there’s nothing particularly that makes me think of Baltimore (although my overwhelming memory of the city is that it was very cold when I was there) these are an option I would highly recommend. The sauce was citrus-y and had a lovely tang that makes you want to order a second plate. It’s just as well we didn’t because despite their diminutive appearance the burgers were incredibly filling. And the hotch-potch of mis-matched chips just begged for you to keep eating them. Served in little plastic baskets that reminded us of a) the 1970s (and not in a good way) and b) Pinto across the road, their appearance was a little odd and not really in line with the upmarket approach taken everywhere else, but burger baskets and our inability to decide what to eat aside we had a great lunch.

Should you go to The Huxley? In a word: Yes. It’s a really handy venue with good options whether you’re there breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner time. Price wise, it’s a good middle ground – neither cafe nor restaurant prices – and great for a catch up lunch with delicious food. It can be a little bit of a carb-fest if you aren’t careful with your options, but personally I’d suggest you order a glass of wine and just enjoy your meal.

We were, as you may well be able to guess, not asked to pick up the bill (or rather the food bill, in this instance – we paid for the drinks). Please rest assured though that anything we are given in the course of reviewing is simply just a plate of food. We do not change our opinions and nor are they influenced by getting given something. More details can be found in our Disclosure Policy.

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