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Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Skyline

On a bright sunny day you could do a lot worse with your day than spending an hour or two taking a stroll up Arthur’s Seat. You don’t have to be particularly fit and so long as you’re not wearing stupid shoes then it seems likely that you’ll easily manage to get to witness the brilliant 360º vistas of the city, Pentlands, Fife and East Lothian.

Trips up Calton Hill are pretty regular for Edinburgh Editor (mainly because they can happen on the way home), but Arthur’s Sea is just that little bit higher, so the views are that bit better. It may sometimes be a little windy up the top, but the views are unparalleled. I mean, how often do you stand on top of an (extinct) volcano to look at Edinburgh Castle one way and North Berwick the other?

Located in Holyrood Park – which is also called the Queen’s or King’s Park (dependent on the reigning monarch) and has been a defined part of the city since 1541 – Arthur’s Seat is just over 250 metres tall. And if you’re looking for some other interesting snippets about it how about knowing that Robert Louis Stevenson described it as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design” (which sums it up pretty well) and it’s said that those who wash their face in the morning dew of the 1st of May will be eternally youthful. Just watch out for any dogs who may have recently topped up the dew…

DSC_0811Regardless of whether you want to climb Arthur’s Seat for the exercise, the views or just out of plain old curiosity as to why so many people do it then have a go. If you’re pretty fit you can reasonably be up and down in under an hour, but it’s worth taking the time to sit down and soak in the view or if the sun’s out to enjoy the beauty of Holyrood Park and just enjoy the fresh air and feeling that you’re miles away from the city when in fact you’re very close to its centre.

Calton Hill from Holyrood Park

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