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Friday Photo: An Edinburgh Institution

The Dome Christmas 2014

When it comes to Edinburgh’s Christmas decorations there are a few big names that instantly come to mind, but when it comes to George Street there’s only one display that we look forward to – the lights at The Dome.

Once home to the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland (now part of RBS), number 14 George Street is now the luxurious home of The Dome, one of Edinburgh’s best known bars. The columns line the George Street side of the building (we’re not even going to touch on the enormous tree in the courtyard to the rear on Rose Street) in one of the city’s most beautiful Greco-Roman façades.

Not part of the original New Town plans, it was built in the late 1840s on what was originally Physicians Hall, home to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.  It’s been refashioned several times since then, but today it stands as one of the many Grade A listed buildings.

It’s been a bar and restaurant since 1996, but their recent tradition of decorating columns with gigantic pine, light and present garlands has become one of the city’s most instantly recognisable Christmas scenes. Even if they have been up since October…

The Dome Christmas 2014

We’ll be looking at other great Christmas Lights around the city over the next few Friday Photos, if you have a favourite let us know on Twitter and we’ll see what we can do.

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