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Friday Photo: Dugald Stewart Monument

Dugald Stewart Monument

The What? I hear you ask. Well yes, what on earth is the Dugald Stewart monument? It would probably make it even more confusing if I told you that you definitely knew this monument.

OK, confession time – whilst I’m pretending I hold all the knowledge here I actually started the other way round, taking the photo, deciding to use it for a Friday Photo and then trying to figure out what on earth it actually was. It’s the circular monument on the western side of Calton Hill.

A monument to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stewart – a professor of philosophy at Edinburgh University, holding its chair of moral philosophy for over 40 years – the structure is synonymous with the view of central Edinburgh from Calton Hill. Finished in 1831, it’s modeled on the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens (a choregos being someone who funded or partially funded, aspects of the theater in ancient Athens – don’t worry, I had to look that up as well), but on a grander scale. Its nine fluted columns are raised on a circular platform, with an ornamental urn in the centre. It makes up part of the Greek Revival architecture in the Calton hill area, which also includes the National Monument.

Most of us probably know this monument as part of the iconic view of the city centre, but as I discovered whilst playing around with a camera a few weeks ago it also makes quite an imposing silhouette against the sky on its own.

Enjoy your weekend.

Dugald Stewart Monument

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