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Friday Photo: Lighting Up Edinburgh’s Christmas

We’ve reached the first Friday in December! Just think, there are only two more before Christmas… **Dashes off to go Christmas shopping**

In light of the Christmas festivities going on around the city, we’re currently running a series of Christmas Friday Photos based on the best Christmas Lights in Edinburgh (see what I did there?) – today’s photo takes us to St Andrew Square and the wonderful lights of Edinburgh’s Christmas.

Edinburgh has really become a great Christmas destination in the last few years, and now with everything being brought under the one huge banner of Edinburgh’s Christmas it’s got bigger and bolder year on year. I went for a wander around the festivities the other day – you can read and see the results here – and it struck me that St Andrew Square has some of the best Christmas lights. With the bottom of the Melville Monument all lit up for its bar, the ice rink around it, the markets and the carousel it is a veritable light display, bringing in people like the proverbial moth and the flame.

The Helter Skelter is seeming a big draw this year (possibly because it’s the cheapest attraction around, costing just £2), but not just for those riding it. The tall yellow and red tower in the square is offering great views of everything that’s going on in the Square, bringing a focal point for all the festive fun.

Helter Skelter Edinburgh's ChristmasJust for fun – and because it’s Christmas – here’s a second photo from the Edinburgh’s Christmas in St Andrew Square.

St Andrew Square Edinburgh's ChristmasHappy Friday everybody!

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