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Friday Photo: Golf is coming home

Onmi Centre

Whilst we tend to associate major sporting events with the summer time it’s not always so. The World Cup, Commonwealth Games and all the tennis championships may require the summer months not all competition does. This September is obviously a pretty key month for Scotland and the UK politically – that’s as far as we’re going, Edinburgh Editor is a politics-free zone – but it’s also quite sporting as we will see the arrival of one of the world’s greatest golfing competitions, The Ryder Cup.

Europe versus the USA – it’s a clash of golfing titans and one of the few times that golfers play for a team, not just themselves. It’s an incredibly prestigious event and for 2014 is heading to one of the UK’s most stunning hotels – The Gleneagles Hotel. Set in 850 acres of Perthshire countryside, Gleneagles will host the tournament at the end of this month from the 23rd to 28th.

Over the past couple of years the Omni Centre has played an increasing part in the life of Edinburgh, using its huge glass facade to promote upcoming major events. From supporting the Scotland Rugby Team in their Autumn Tests and the Six Nations to promoting the arts during the Edinburgh International Festival, the Omni Centre is making a name for its larger-than-life promotion. Now the east end is dominated by an enormous golden eagle with the Ryder Cup trophy grasped firmly in its talons. A spectacular sight, very much worthy of our Friday Photo slot. The huge image will remain in place until after the competition, when the trophy will (hopefully) be in the hands of Team Europe.


Ryder Cup Omni Centre

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