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Friday Photo: Gloucester Lane

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One of my favourite things about Edinburgh is that there is a whole layer of the city that most visitors (and many locals, for that matter) never see. But for those who go looking there are some spectacular spaces, closes, buildings, streets and mews out there. Having recently moved back to the New Town side of the city, I’ve been wandering around reacquainting myself with the hidden away streets and the secrets they hold. One such street was Gloucester Lane. Taking in the majority of the hill from Heriot Row down to Stockbridge, Gloucester Lane has become somewhat of a rat run for those walking into the centre; avoiding the ‘long’ walk round to Howe & Fredrick Streets.

This beautiful lane is everything you would expect from the New Town – it’s rough cobbles, traditional street lighting and mews-style houses – and is one of my favourite hidden away streets (I know which house I want to live in and everything), although having walked up it on cold and icy January mornings I can tell you it’s not without its issues… Walking down one evening last week I decided that this street is the embodiment of this hidden side of the city and well worth a Friday Photo slot.

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Gloucester Lane

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