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Friday Photo: Iconic View

Calton Hill View Small

It’s one of the most recognisable versions of the Edinburgh skyline – a photo used on everything from mugs and postcards to the backdrop of news sets. We’re talking of course of the view from Calton Hill, looking down on The Balmoral, Princes Street and the Castle.

In the last few years I’ve really begun to quite enjoy a little wander up Calton Hill, it is one of many little natural havens from the bustle of city life, offering wonderful views across the city – and not just the picture postcard money shots. With panoramic views across the city you can see miles in every direction, spending ages trying to work out what each bit poking up above the roofline is and realising that those roads you’ve always assumed run parallel to one another actually go in quite separate directions.

The view down Princes Street, with the Castle and the Balmoral, is of course what Calton Hill is most famous for. Somewhat Iconic it also provides an excellent vantage point for watching the fireworks from the Castle at New Year and the end of the Festival.

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View from Calton Hill

Whichever hills you’re walking up this weekend – being Edinburgh I’m assuming you’re going up hill – have a good one and keep up to date with everything that’s happening on Twitter.

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