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Friday Photo: West Register House

Running in the face of expectation, this week (apart from this morning) has been beautiful and not at all what we expect from the start of October. We’ve had warm(ish) sunny days and dazzlingly bright, fiery sunsets. Naturally our fine city looks pretty amazing in these light conditions and I’ve no doubt the photographers have been out in force. Here at Edinburgh Editor I don’t think I quite come under that category, but it’s been a great week for all those Instagram snaps as you walk down the street.

For this week’s Friday Photo we’ve heading to the West End and one of my favourite buildings. I don’t know why West Register House appeals so much, but this beautiful building is one of Charlotte Square’s most recognisable features. Whichever way you see the building its dome is a striking presence on the skyline, perfectly silhouetted as the sun goes down.

Taking in the cobbles of the square’s side street, this little corner of the city is quieter than most and offers a great opportunity to look up at the amazing buildings without the risk of being run over!

Whatever you’re doing in the city this weekend have a great time and remember to share all your photos on Twitter!

West Register House


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