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Friday Photos: Black & White Signs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but black and white is everywhere in Edinburgh. It’s in our street signs, it’s in the railings, it’s in the advertising, it’s in the shop signs, heck the place even looks amazing in greyscale (take a little look at y Twitter headline image if you don’t believe me). I guess it makes sense in so many respects then that our city’s colours are black and white.

I’m a big fan of black and white photos, so when I took the photos off my camera the other day and realised that this photos was 80% of the way to being devoid of colour I thought it would make a good Friday Photo. It’s the corner of the Balmoral Hotel, if you’re trying to figure out which corner of Princes Street actually has a street sign.

Have a great weekend!

Princes Street Sign

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