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Friday Photo: A Touch of Snow

So last week it snowed and – like many others – I got quite excited about it all. From a few pictures on Twitter when I came back to Edinburgh on the Wednesday night, to the snow covered Edinburgh Castle on Thursday morning and rounding it off with a special snow edition of Friday Photo.

Well guess what –¬†winter is cold. Whilst London was grinding to a halt over the tiny scattering they got we’ve still got snow that hasn’t really melted and frosts that will probably be a near-permanent feature for the next couple of weeks. Whilst this means that we all have to wear thick wooly jumpers almost 24/7 (which isn’t actually a bad thing, is it?) we get bright skies, brilliant sunsets and glistening landmarks – just take a look at the photos I took on Calton Hill last week if you need some examples.

For this week’s Friday Photo it’s back to our perennial favourite – Edinburgh Castle. Sitting on top of Castle Rock, it looks pretty amazing when it’s white and sparkling – our photo just being something I noticed as I walked along Princes Street a few days ago.

The statue you see in the photo is probably the least well known in the Gardens (I admit I don’t really know much about him, even having looked him up), it’s that of Allan Ramsay – a poet, librarian and (apparently) wig maker from the beginning of the 18th century.

Wherever you are this weekend here’s hoping it’s as photogenic as this little scene.

Edinburgh Castle Snow

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