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Friday Photo: Edinburgh’s Christmas Tree

Mound Christmas Tree

It’s here – it’s the final Friday before Christmas. By this point next week we’ll be playing with all those new Christmas toys and eating far more than we could possibly need. For the final Festive Friday Photo I thought we’d turn to one of my favourite Christmas traditions – Edinburgh’s Christmas Tree.

Of course the city has hundreds of trees, but there is one that – by tradition – is given a much more pominant place. It’s the City’s primary Christmas Tree and it sits in pride of place on the Mound. A gift from the Horland Community Council to the people of Edinburgh and Scotland. Decorated in a traditional way with white lights the tree is one of the focal points of our Christmas lights and provides a beautiful focal point for Christmas lights that’s not neon.

If you’re in town I suggest you take a few minutes to walk up the Mound and take a look.

Mound Christmas Tree

Whatever you are doing for Christmas this year, I hope it’s a merry one and we’ll be back just after Christmas for lots of New Year/Hogmanay goodness!

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