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Friday Photo: You Can Bank on It

For the nights are dark and full of terrors gale-force winds.

If December was a month of running about and enjoying the ridiculously large amount of festivities on offer in our fine city, then January is all about working out which of your coats is the most wind-proof and whether or not you really have to go outside. Between howling winds, random bursts of snow, and the old Edinburgh favourite – horizontal rain – it feels as though January is really out to get us. Oh, and did I mention that it feels like it’s constantly dark?

Let’s look on the bright side though, we’re heading towards longer days, and I even heard the first conversations about the Fringe and other festivals online this week. So life is slowly returning to normality, and after a bit of New Year break Edinburgh Editor is now firmly back in place with another installment of the Friday Photo series.

In tribute to the seemingly ongoing darkness, this week’s photo is a night shot of one of the city’s most iconic buildings: The Bank on the Mound. If you’re looking up at the nighttime skyline from the New Town you cannot help but see this rather impressive building. It’s been a bank since it was built – the road is even called ‘Bank Street’ in its honour – and today serves as the headquarters of the Bank of Scotland (part of Lloyds Banking Group, or whatever they are currently called). Built in 1806 it towers above Princes Street Gardens, it’s a very fitting building for a bank. Other random facts about the bank are that it is the second oldest surviving bank in the UK (after the Bank of England) and the first bank in Europe to print bank notes, if Wikipedia is to be believed.

Bank of Scotland

Today the building still functions as the bank’s headquarters, with a secondary function as one of Edinburgh’s most iconic buildings. Since 2006 it has also been home to the fascinating Museum on the Mound, which looks at the story of money including the art, crime and science behind it. It’s open throughout the year and is free – it’s definitely worth a look. You can also see what a million pounds looks like, if like most of us you’ve never seen quite that much money in real life before.

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