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Friday Photo: Once You Hear It…

Scott Monument

Have you ever had this, when you hear an unusual description for something and it’s so bizarrely accurate that you can’t get it out of your head? This is what happened to me with someone – I forget who – and the Scott Monument:

“It’s like a neo-gothic Thunderbird 3. With an extra leg”

And you know what, it totally is.

Scott Monument

Don’t you agree?

I recently heard a tour guide say that it’s an urban legend that it’s a monument to the work of Sir Walter Scott, but this is indeed utter nonsense; it is most definitely named for one our great writers – you would have thought his statue in the centre of it is testament enough to that. Here’s hoping I just misheard the tour guide.

200 feet and six inches tall (makes you wonder why the extra six, right?), this wonderful monument says a lot about Victorian Edinburgh. It’s a great testament to the city’s love of Scott – indeed, Waverley Station is named after one of his books as well, apparently the only railway station in the world to be named after a novel – and offers wonderful panoramas across the city centre and beyond. If, of course, you want to hike up the 287 steps to get there.

Well deserving of a slot in the Friday Photothe Scott Monument is one of my favourite monuments in the city. Enjoy your weekend and do come back to check out the latest goings on with Edinburgh Editor next week.

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