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Friday Photo: SNOW DAY!

OK, so maybe there hasn’t been that much snow, but as I landed back at the airport on Wednesday night after a business day trip (not nearly as glamorous as it sounds) there was a blanket of white everywhere and lots of flakes falling around the plane. I’m glad we don’t get the same level of hysteria as those further south may get over a few flakes, but whilst I’m sure we could learn from Scandinavian countries how to deal with snow better there is one thing that we really do well. We’re great at flooding social media with beautiful pictures of our ridiculously photogenic city dusted in a white blanket.

Those online yesterday would struggle to get through Facebook or Twitter without snow-laden photos, which I feel is far from a bad thing (and also I’m very much guilty of posting several of them). After posting a view of the Castle and St Cuthbert’s that I took on the way to work several people seemed to enjoy it, and so it seemed only fair that this week’s Friday Photo was a snow scene.

Standing outside the Caledonian Hotel (The Waldorf, Cally, or whichever name you choose to use) you get an excellent view up to the western side of the Castle – it’s a great place to watch fireworks, but also just a good spot to drink up the wonderful vista before you.
Edinburgh Castle Snow

And because we all love photos of the snow, why don’t we have a special Friday with two photos! Have a great weekend.

Edinburgh Castle in the Snow

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