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Friday Photo: The Royal Society

As you walk along George Street I would urge you to look up. Unlike the monstrosity mish-mash that is Princes Street, George Street has been relatively untouched by planners and it’s absolutely stunning. There are just so many beautiful buildings.

I am no architecture buff, but I can say that of all the main streets in Edinburgh I think George Street has some of the best buildings, making it perfect for many an outing in ourĀ Friday Photo series. Today’s choice has to be one of the best buildings – the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Operational since 1783, The Royal Society of Edinburgh aims to work for the benefit of the people in a non-political way, looking after research and education throughout Scotland and beyond. Covering every sector from science to art and back again it’s a pretty big scope, and one which has an equally grand building for the purpose.

I’ve been lucky enough to tour the inside of the building once – my inner geeky scientist is clearly still alive and well, despite having lain dormant since university – and I can happily tell you that the inside is as impressive as the interior. They often take part in Doors Open Day and have many events throughout the year – I would strongly recommend you go see the building and here some of their lectures if you can.

A full list of events can be found on their website here.

Royal Society Edinburgh

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