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Friday Photo: the Scottish Parliament



Ask anyone that lives in Edinburgh and they are likely to have an opinion on the design of the Scottish Parliament building. With the news really focusing on the country’s future at the moment (fear not, that’s as political as we’re getting) it seemed timely to have today’s Friday Photo as parliament.

Sitting down in Holyrood, opposite Holyrood Palace, it is home to Scotland’s parliament and the 129 elected representatives that go with it. Officially opened in 2004, the building took three years longer than expected to build and cost more than ten times the initial estimate – it was always going to be controversial. Tensions also grew after the contract for designing the building went to a Spanish architect, Enric Miralles, rather than someone local; and its bold, contemporary design has raised eyebrows across the city.

Whether the wooden decoration around the windows are meant to be guns or hairdryers is a debate that will doubtlessly rage on for years, and the uniqueness of the design is never going to be a wholesale crowd-pleaser, but having seen it in situ for nearing a decade I feel that I’ve warmed to it quite a lot. It’s not the best building in town, but it is far from the most hideous.

Is it growing on you as well or have you always been a fan? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

Scottish Parliament

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