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Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, Castle Terrace

Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Let’s be honest here, Farmers’ Markets have definitely become ‘a thing’ in the last couple years. With mounting concerns about supply chains, the environment, pesticides and knowing exactly what is in our food, a way of getting produce straight from the producers has caught the imagination of many. Here in Edinburgh the idea has definitely caught on with markets springing up across the capital – in fact a new one started in Quartermile today. The most well known of these markets though is the Edinburgh Farmers Market which can be found on Castle Terrace every Saturday.

For Edinburgh Editor this new choice in shopping options is perfect (talk about food obsessed – EE has a food blog brother, The Usual Saucepans, so it’s probably not a big surprise) and the proximity to both the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market at Castle Terrace on a Saturday Morning and the Stockbridge Market on a Sunday has been excellent. The freezer is always well stocked and near-weekly pilgrimages has resulted in a lot of good dinners.

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The last two years has been good to both us and the market, with their ethos of everything having to be grown/produced withing 50 miles of the capital makes for a very special market full of delicious treats without the carbon footprint of a jet-setting yeti. After a couple of years of regular visits we’ve found some suppliers that we really like and go back to quite regularly, if you stop by the market soon why not check them out?

Clyde Valley Tomatoes

There’s a bit of a love-hate relationship going on in our editor’s head where raw tomatoes are not exactly favoured, but one of the best meals we have after a visit to the market in the summer months involves a bag of Clyde Valley’s delicious tomatoes. Roasted, they are the best thing out. Find them on Twitter @ClydeValleyToms

Clyde Valley Tomatoes

Well Hung and Tender

Here at the Editor puns are highly appreciated, so naturally this name sparks juvenille joy every time it’s seen. Beyond this though there is always a selection of products from steaks and sausages to burgers and mince. The meat is always delicious and for its quality, fantastic value. On Twitter they’re @Wellhungtender

Well Hung and Tender

Eden Brewery

Getting close to that 50 mile mark, Eden Brewery are one of our favourite craft brewers. Based out of the old paper mill in Guardbridge, near St Andrews, they produce an excellent selection of beers to suit every taste. There’s always great beers on offer to taste as well. Ours will be a Clock Brew, please. Find them @edenbrewery

Aaran Cheeses

Flavoured cheddars, goats and ewes cheeses, bries and cammembert are all on offer here, in a delicious collection of fromagerie. The best part being is that there’s a strong ‘try before you buy’ ethos going on with the lovely lady behind the stall more than happy to give you some tasters before you choose.

Aaran Island Cheeses


This is a godsend some weeks. Hog roast rolls are obviously utterly delicious, but Oink’s are somehow consistantly better than most. It’s been well known for us to go for a walk down to the market just for a hog roast roll – add in some haggis (or stuffing, if you prefer), crackling and apple sauce and it’s just heaven. They’re also amazing cures if Friday night was a little bigger than you intended. On Twitter: @OinkEdinburghOink Pulled Pork

Do you have a favourite market or producer that you think we should promote? Get in touch on Twitter and share your love for them with us – we’re @EdinEditor

Edinburgh Farmers Market is on from 9 until 2 every Saturday throughout the year, you can find them on Twitter here.

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