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George Street – What’s Happening?

Many of us have probably noticed or heard about the changes that are being made to George Street, but if you’re like me you are probably a little confused as to what is actually going on and how long the changes are going to be for. After a little digging and getting in touch with Essential Edinburgh, Edinburgh Editor can give  you a bit of an update.

After a few years of the traffic systems changing every couple of weeks during the long, long, long era of tram works, it seems that the council and Essential Edinburgh are trying to make George Street more of a ‘destination’ again. Last year during the festival decking appeared along parts of George Street, closing half of the street to traffic and increasing the outside space for bars and restaurants – apparently it was a trail. And a successful one at that.

George Street Decking

So earlier this month construction started on new parking, a two-way cycle lane, updates to the pavements (e.g. removing unused bus stops), and the decking being reinstated. According to the council’s website the work will take four weeks (so will be done next week – full details here), but when I saw concrete being poured into the bases of the decking outside Browns the other day I started wondering how long it was going to be there. Again, Essential Edinburgh were on hand to help out:

Yes, that says Until end of August 2015. It is apparently a year-long trial.

So very soon we will all be able to revel in the sun on this lovely new decking whilst sipping on a drink from our favourite George Street bar. We will be able to cycle up and down without fear of being clipped by wing mirrors, and look on as there are tubs of flowers brightening the place up.

How it will all look in January when the weather is a little less tropical we will just have to wait and see; but for now I say we grab a drink and our sunglasses and let’s see how it goes.

What do you think about the plans?

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