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Burger Meats Bun Edinburgh

Shall we start with the fact that this place has a pun its name? Amazing. Don’t get me wrong, Burger Meats Bun would still be amazing with a dull name, but the name makes me very happy ever time I see it – it’s absolutely punderful.

Hailing from Glasgow originally, Burger Meats Bun (BMB) opened earlier this year to relatively little fanfare, but on a recommendation of a friend I went to try it out in the summer and have been back several times since. I’m a bit obsessed.

We seem to be be very much be getting in on the burger trend in Edinburgh this year with various places opening up or changing their menus to include some bun-clad goodness, but despite the rapid rise in delicious options I think BMB is definitely one of the best, and a personal favourite.

Burger Meats Bun
1 Forth Street

They have the regular beef, chicken and veggie varieties – interestingly they use chicken thigh, instead of breast, making it much more flavoursome – all with the options for cheese and bacon. But they are simply all delicious. The chips too are the perfect balance between thin and chunky, fluffy and crispy – their relish that goes with them is also far too more-ish for it to be allowed. I love to the use of brioche buns, instead of the usual half-hearted attempt at a roll they’ve opted for glossy buns and soak up the juices and give a little sweetness to the plate.

Chicken Burger Burger Meats Bun

It’s mostly beer to drink along with it. They clearly know what they’re doing here as well, picking medium-sized breweries – like West, Cromarty and Camden – which go really well with the burgers. Even the glasses come chilled and frosted.

What we really need to talk about though are their specials.

Almost every day on their Twitter feed there are mouth-watering photos of their specials. The last twice I’ve been in the special has been their Deer Autumn burger, it’s possibly the most delicious burger ever. The patte is venison, cooked to perfection and topped with haggis, beetroot and goats cheese. Are you still here, or have you gone for a little burger snack? If you are then also what you NEED to try and have in your life is their Mac n Cheese bites. The pasta is oozing with cheese, it’s wrapped up in a crumb batter and then fried to utter decadent deliciousness. So unnecessary, but so, so wonderful.

Mac n Cheese Bites Burger Meats Bun

If you think this couldn’t get any better then we’d better talk about dessert. I’ve not tried the main puddings – although they do look good – because I can’t get passed the fact that they do booze-laden milkshakes. It’s perhaps excessive to have one of these after all we’ve talked about, but they are pretty irresistible. My recommendation is vanilla with Kahlua – it’s one of the best shakes I’ve ever tried.

Burger Meats Bun Milkshake

So in summary, I’m a little in love with these burgers, sides and drinks. The fun farm décor and slightly rough and ready layout, great staff, great drinks and excellent food mean that Burger Meats Bun is unsurprisingly a hit – a Glasgow import that’s here to say. Go for lunch. Go for dinner. Basically just go. Make sure you’re hungry though, because you’re going to want to eat everything you possibly can.

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Five Stars
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