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Where We’ve Been (The December Edition)

Smith & Gertrude

OK, so let’s face it – winter is no longer ‘coming’, it’s here. With wind, rain, tinsel and twinkling fairy lights all over it. Yes, winter and Christmas have come to our fair city and along with it lots of people visiting for vastly over-priced Glühwein. But for those of us who prefer being a little more adventurous, where should we be going? As always, the Edinburgh Editor team have been trying out new places (and some old favourites) and since this is the season of giving, here we give you 7 different places to try!

Smith & Gertrude 

Stockbridge has long needed a bar dedicate to cheese, wine and charcuterie. We didn’t realise this until we went to Smith & Gertrude recently, but we are firm believers now (and not just because we had a couple of large glasses of far too drinkable wine). This latest development avoids a lot of the pretensions we thought it might suffer from and there is a clear dedication to the art of good cheese, meats, wines and company. It’s calm, not rushed and generally rather wonderful – get yourself along!

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Smith & Gertrude

Herbies – West End

We love the West End village, and of all the places you can get some food there our favourite lunchtime haunt is Herbies. They always have lots of different soup on offer (7 flavours when we were in a few days ago), which range from the traditional to a bit more experimental.

Bread Meats Bread – Lothian Road

Boasting from Glasgow, the Edinburgh joint of this much-loved burger place recently opened. We were invited along to the press night beforehand and greatly enjoyed the samples we were offered. Whilst a lot of burger places look somewhat temporary, there’s permanence and ambition here – the design work is really on point as well. If you’re in town and looking for a burger that’s towards the upper end of the spectrum pop in and try Bread Meats Bread.

Don’t confuse it with Burger Meats Bun (Forth Street) though – they’re totally separate.

Bread Meats Bread

New Chapter

Canonmill’s newest restaurant (taking over from the rather tired Pierre Victoire), New Chapter, is brought to us all by some of the original founders of The Atelier Restaurant. There were a couple of little bits still to be done when we visited [full disclosure, it’s owned by friends of friends], but the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. The current menu includes some delicious duck, vibrant venison and phlipin’ phantastic pheasant.

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Burr & Co.

This new addition to the coffee scene is probably best described as 4 Star Hipster. It’s been expertly designed inside and the staff all wear the same denim shirt and brown aprons – like a hipster coffeeshop (or how a hotel designer thinks they look). The coffee is good and their food offering looks delicious – go if you like your coffee shops ‘George Street-ified’.

The Printing Press

Our adventure to The George’s new (standalone) restaurant ended up being a very fish-heavy affair, but with Sunday roasts and steaks also advertised, as well as some more traditional dinner options, we would heartily recommend it for anyone looking for a really good dinner.

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The Dome

Of course no Christmas would be entirely complete without mentioning Christmas-incarnate, The Dome. Much as we disliked them putting up the decorations in October, now that it’s December we would definitely recommend going there for some Christmas spirit!

The Dome Christmas 2014

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